The Riches of Embarrassment – David Tenterden

The Riches of Embarrassment - David Tenterden | Scriptus Books

Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 342
Date of publication: 2017
ISBN-13: 978-095644-665-7
Price: £11.00

About The Riches of Embarrassment

It’s rare to read anything about embarrassment, that supposedly most English of vices.

And here is a collection of fourteen short stories covering the entire trajectory of a lifespan from childhood to old age, ranging from the intense shame of a ten year old boy to the urbane amusement of a grand old man recollecting an awkward incident that occurred in his twenties.

But embarrassment may not be an entirely negative emotion: experiencing it can be a crucible for self-knowledge, a means for developing understanding of others, a necessary rite of passage, a weapon or even a catharsis. It has a role to play in every human life and though the experience may be unpleasant at the time, it may offer pointers towards wisdom and maturity. Certainly, a full life would be impoverished without the richness of embarrassment.

Author biography

David Tenterden was born in the UK and educated at St Pauls School and Jesus College, Cambridge where he read Part I in History (gaining a First) and then Law in Part II. He then qualified as a Solicitor before moving to financial services.

He currently divides his time between Boston, Massachusetts, and Norfolk. He is involved in many philanthropic projects in the US and India.

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