Submissions guidelines

  1. We invite manuscript submissions of unpublished works, both fiction and non-fiction, for our consideration. We are particularly interested in novels, short story collections, travel memoirs and autobiographies.
  2. We will only consider finished works so please do not submit part of any work in progress.
  3. Please read carefully the instructions for submissions set out below.

What to submit

  1. Your proposal – this should be short, describing, in broad terms, the subject of the work, what you think makes it distinctive and suggesting published books to which you think it may bear comparison. You should include a paragraph about yourself, your writing experience and what has motivated you to write your book.
  2. A synopsis of no more than 1000 words, summarizing the book and, if fiction, the broad structure of the plot and principal characters.
  3. A sample of your writing which should comprise the first three chapters or 30 pages.

How to submit your manuscript

Please use the submission form below. Submissions comprising ONLY the materials described above must be included in your form submission. We will only accept PDF format attachments. If your manuscript is in Word, please convert it into a PDF.

Other questions

Will Scriptus respond to submissions?

We will acknowledge receipt of all submissions. We will try to give you our answer within three months.

Will Scriptus offer comments, advice or the opportunity of a resubmitted, revised text?

Choosing what to publish is a subjective decision and a matter of individual taste. There are many good writers out there who never get their books published. Scriptus can never hope to publish more than a few of them and so, if we can’t help you it doesn’t mean that your book is not a good book – merely that it isn’t for us. If we decide we do not want to publish your work, you will receive a standard rejection email. Please understand that we will not engage in further correspondence on your submitted manuscript and that our decision is final.

If Scriptus is interested in publishing a text, what happens next?

We will contact you by email if we want to see your full manuscript.

Submission form